Q1. What kind of project is META-AIRLINE?

It is a long-term project that lets you, who cannot travel in the real world, travel in Meta Airline Land.

Q2. When is the minting date?

And How much is the minting price?

We will announce on March 11th (Fri)

Q3. Can I access Meta-Airline on mobile phones?

No. You may only access on you PC.

Q4. How do you participate in the whitelist?

You will be given a chance to collaborate with other people on various events held on our official SNS account. The winners of the events will be whitelist.

Q5. What's the maximum minting amount?

It may vary depending on the number of participants.

Q6. When the minting is over, where can we trade the NFTs?

You can trade them at OpenSea.

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